Have you linked your business’ ABN to your Facebook profile yet?


Did you know that for Australian businesses, if your ABN is not linked to your Business Facebook page, Facebook charges an additional 10% GST for advertising services but this can’t generally be claimed in your BAS? 

This is because Facebook updated their billing policies in 2018 in line with Australian tax laws, and became registered for GST in Australia however this should not be charged to businesses. 

What does this mean for me? 

Any businesses without a valid ABN linked to their page will incur an additional 10% GST fee for advertising services. 

How can I link my ABN to my business’ Facebook page? 

Here is some information to help you out on a desktop browser that is correct as of time of publishing to locate where to do this. If Facebook updates their layout, this may change. 

The steps to complete this are:

  1. Firstly, to do this step you must be an administrator of the business page.
  2. From the business’ home page, there is the ‘professional tools’ list.  Click on ‘Ad Center.’ 
  3. Next, on the right hand side there will be the ‘tools’ list, with ‘payment settings,’ as an option. 
  4. Click on ‘payment settings.’ This is where all your current business information is recorded. You can check if your ABN is already linked to your account here. If it isn’t, go ahead and pop it into the ABN field! 
  5. Then, click ‘save changes.’ 
  6. Next, you also need to confirm in payment settings that the account’s business country is set to Australia. 

If you need a bit more information about how to complete this, check out Facebook’s help page here.